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Robert W. Olson, Jr.

Avvo Legal Guides


Professional Group Practice Options, Santa Barbara Lawyer (2013)
Tax Ramifications of Sweat Equity in Professional Partnerships,
  Santa Barbara Lawyer (2012)
Why You Need a Dental Practice Transition Attorney
  California Dental Association Journal (2008)
Expert Fees for Treating Doctors (Part 1), Medical Society News (2012)
Expert Fees for Treating Doctors (Part 2), Medical Society News (2012)

Business Startup Checklist: Corporations (2011)
Business Startup Checklist: One Person LLCs (2011)
Business Startup Checklist: Partnerships and Multi-Member LLCs (2011)
Corporate Formalities: Protect Your Tax and Limited Liability Benefits (2010)
S Corporation Payroll Tax Issues (2010)
Safely Choose a Tradename for Your Business (2009)
Top 10 Incorporation Mistakes (2009)
Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes (2009)

Dual Representation Brokers (2012)
Truth Serum for your Dental Attorney (2011)
Obtaining Insurance Billing Numbers on Practice Purchase (2010)
Sample Patient Termination Letter (2010)
Stop Embezzlement and Security Breaches (2010)

Christian L. Perrin

The Case for Caution: Fraudulent Conveyance Risks in Estate Planning, Probate & Property, American Bar Association (2010)
A Useful Tool in a Time of Need: A Brief Synopsis and Analysis of I.R.C. 6161(b)(2), Probate & Property, American Bar Association (2010)

Brian Hatch

Dental Practice Legal Guide (2014)

Marshal H. Davis

Protecting Your Business Interests from the Pitfalls of Implied Warranties, Bucks (County Economic Development Corporation) Prospectus (2009)

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