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Dental Practice Lenders

I have worked with all of these individuals personally. They are listed alphabetically. Please be aware that many dental practice transition industry professionals (e.g., brokers, attorneys, lenders, consultants and insurers) give or accept some form of referral fee for referring you to other professionals. Dental.Law.Pro™ attorneys do not accept any such referral fees from, nor give such referral fees to, any other industry professionals.

Bank of America
Alexandra Iosif | | 949.445.9472

Homestreet Bank (Western US)
Howard Boles | | 949.237.1604
website: Commercial Loans

Opus Bank (Western US)
Bob Affleck | | 949.939.4550

Pacific Continental Bank (Western US)
Phill Hoover | | 415.481.2933

US Bank
Choose Your Region | Representative List | 800.313.8820

Wells Fargo
Brandon Finazzo | | 510.418.1519

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