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There are a variety of dental practice brokers that you may wish to contact, depending on your location. I have worked with and can recommend all of these brokers. All will give seller appraisals, the cost varying with the level of detail given. I have listed these alphabetically.

Factors that contribute to exclusion from this list are brokers who (1) are not licensed to broker practices (when required to do so) yet do so anyway; (2) are not headed by an experienced and licensed attorney but provide contracts for the transaction; (3) discourage sellers from seeking their own attorney to draft or review contracts before providing those contracts to buyers; (4) rush either party into signing contracts without ample time beforehand to consult with an attorney; (5) attempt to influence the attorney to minimize review of the transaction; (6) recommend inexperienced attorneys in an attempt to minimize review of the transaction; (7) practice "deliberate ignorance" by not investigating seller's claims about the practice; (8) do not affirmatively disclose known practice problems to the buyer (as is legally required); (9) insist on closing the transaction despite known, significant and unwarranted post-closing risks for the buyer or seller; (10) have significant negative feedback from multiple 3rd parties (such as lawsuits, board complaints, complaints from those involved in the broker's previous transactions, and my own observations); (11) provide dual broker representation, particularly those with additional charges to the buyer; or (12) receive or offer referral fees with lenders, consultants, insurance providers and/or attorneys.

NOTE: Please be aware that many dental practice transition industry professionals (e.g., brokers, attorneys, lenders, consultants and insurers) give or accept some form of referral fee for referring you to other professionals. Dental.Law.Pro™ attorneys do not accept any such referral fees from, nor give such referral fees to, any other industry professionals.

CTC Associates
This firm focuses on practice sales in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
Larry Chatterly | | 720.232.3044

McLerran + Associates
This firm focuses on practice sales throughout southeast Texas (Houston, Hill Country, San Antonio), but can provide referrals in other parts of the state.
Brannon Moncrief | | 888.656.0290

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